LendingRobot Review

LendingRobot is a robo-advisor that makes Peer-toPeer (P2P) lending incredibly easy to add to your portfolio. P2P investing has provided a good alternative to traditional equities and fixed income, and allows investors access to a highly-diversified basket of micro-loans that LendingRobot’s proprietary machine-learning algorithm selects for the investor.

“LendingRobot combines three of the hottest trends in the financial-technology sector: online lending, robo-advisory and the technology that underpins the digital currency bitcoin.” – Wall Street Journal

The platform works by connecting your Lending Club,  Prosper, or FundCircle account. If you don’t already have an investor account at any of these sites, LendingRobot will actually help set one up for you. Once your account is open and funded, LendingRobotwill help set up a strategy that optimizes for risk and potential returns.

“LendingRobot’s algorithm rates 40 borrower characteristics to predict the probability of default. It can filter hundreds of thousands of borrowers in milliseconds and provide potential lenders with a selection of quality loans within five seconds.” – Financial Times

 Ultimately, the best feature of LendingRobotis how hands-free it is. Once you’re set up, LendingRobot automatically purchases micro-loans of varying risks and builds a fully customized portfolio for you. It provides a ton of leverage, and simply may not be possible to recreate by humans given the machine-learning components.

“It’s time-consuming for individual investors to maintain P2P portfolios. Among the chores: evaluating new loans, reinvesting loan repayments and re-balancing accounts to stay diversified. LendingRobot’s software aims to do this kind of work for investors.” – American Banker

Sign up here for your first $5,000 managed free! After $5,000 LendingRobot only costs 0.45% of your total assets under management, which is less than most mutual funds!

Company Highlights:

  • Incorporation: Algorithmic, Inc.
    Headquarters: Seattle, WA. Incorporated in September 2012
  • Founder: Emmanuel Marot – CEO LinkedIn / Serial Entrepreneur and Compulsive Designer / Marketing at Apple – Director Mobile search at Microsoft – Founder of Zenvestment.com
  • Investors: Runa Capital, CII2, business angels


  • Free up to $5000 by signing up here
  • Proprietary machine-learning algorithm to identify loans with the high potential returns.
  • Multiple Rules to invest in different loan profiles at once
  • Supports virtually all filtering criteria of the supported marketplaces, plus proprietary ones such as Sub-grade and Loan Payment / Income
  • All investment orders processed usually within 850ms
  • Daily report by email
  • 24 / 7 Availability

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