“In the long run, it’s not just how much money you make that will determine your future prosperity. It’s how much of that money you put to work by saving it and investing it.” - Peter Lynch

Welcome to Millennial Savings’ Investing Portal.

Before getting started here, please make sure that you’ve already joined Personal Capital or worked with a robo-advisor to create a financial plan, save an emergency fund, and maxed out your 401(k).

At Millennial Savings, we believe that investing doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Coming from a background of investment management at some of the world’s largest and most respected firms, we want you to know that there’s a lot of crap out there, some of it incredibly harmful for “retail” investors like us.

The goal of this portal is to get you up and running with a good understanding of investments accounts, and to steer you in the direction of good companies and products. This isn’t investment advice, and if you are more comfortable utilizing a financial professional to do your investing, that’s fine too! You can use our Find an Advisor Tool to help pair you up with a fiduciary independant advisor in your area.


Step 1. Research

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

The most important part of making any investments it to do research.

You don’t have to be able to use financial analysis or modeling to be able to make wise investments, particularly in public securities.

Personal Capital and other financial planning software can help make the research aspect easier, as well as this website.

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